Transam adverts


October 1978

Triton One-Board Computer

The Triton one-board computer started life jointly sponsored by Transam and Electronics Today International (ETI), as a sort of cross-marketing collaboration. Transam provided the hardware in kit or a...


September 1979

Transam: The Exciting New Triton Personal Computer

The Transam Triton was a British-built Intel 8080A-based kit computer that was first released in December 1978. Somewhat uniquely, it offered different levels of firmware with alternate ROM-based BASI...


March 1983

Portable micros - taking the computer a step further

This is one of a few adverts that appeared around the time which could be read as something of a sad coda on the life of Transam Microsystems Limited, which had started out as Transam Components and w...