SWTPC adverts


December 1976

SWTPC: Need hardcopy? How about pictures?

An early advert for two products from SWTPC, the San Antonio, Texas company that had been founded in 1967 out of an earlier business that specialised in selling electronics kits. The first of the two ...


January 1977

SWTPC 6800 - Complete with 2K of memory

A straightforward advert from SWTPC, who originally made their name as a supplier of electronics kits, for their Motorola 6800-based computer of the same name. The machine, as advertised, came with a ...


November 1977

SWTPC announces first dual minifloppy kit under $1,000

South West Technical Products Corp was a company that started out producing project kits, and here is offering a Motorola 6800 system (with 4K memory) for a total of about £6,700 in 2011 money. ...