ACT/Apricot adverts


October 1983

Apricot - the 4th generation personal computer

First announced in the spring of 1983 as "Project Apricot", from Birmingham-based ACT, the original Apricot was first unveiled to the public at the 6th P‌CW Show - which ran from 29th September to 2nd...


December 1984

The answer is an Apricot from ComputerWorld

Applied Computer Techniques - ACT - had previously been importing the Chuck Peddle-designed Victor 9000, which was known as the ACT Sirius in the UK and before that were suppliers of Commodore PET sof...


April 1985

A beginner's guide to the best in business computers

ACT had carved out a briefly-successful niche in the UK with its Apricot range of micros, several of which touted their "Sirius" compatibility, rather than the usual IBM. However, when the company lau...