Tangerine adverts


February 1980

New from Tangerine Computer Systems - the Microtan 65

This is an early advert from Tangerine announcing the company's new Microtan 65 in its simplest form - just a board with chips on it and an RF-modulator to drive a standard domestic television. The co...


March 1981

"Microtan 65 - Designed With Expansion in Mind"

The basis for the Microtan 65 was a 6502-based single-board computer, which as advertised was sold for the bargain price of £80, only about £320 in 2019 money. The ad is slightly misleading, as ...


January 1983

Oric-1 - created by Tangerine

Tangerine had been around for a few years, selling a 6502-based one-board computer called the Microtan. This was abandoned after around 10,000 systems had been sold, but was rescued by Microtanic comp...