Sinclair adverts


March 1971

Sinclair Project 60 and the Micromatic Transistor Radio

Here is a pair of adverts from the company, or at least the Sinclair Radionics part of it, that would go on to launch the ZX80, ZX81 and ZX Spectrum. Sinclair Radionics wasn't directly connected to Sc...


November 1981

WH Smith: What Would I Do With a Computer?

This advert is a small A5 4-page booklet produced by UK newsagent chain WH Smith and demonstrates nicely how such regular High Street shops were very much part of the early home computer revolution. S...


September 1982

The world's best personal computer for under £500

Sinclair was nothing if not bold with its claims, including this one that the Spectrum - announced just a few months before at a press conference at the Churchill Hotel on Friday, 23rd April 1982 - wa...


March 1983

ZX Spectrum - 16K or 48K RAM from only £125!

This advert is part of an impressive 4-page spread that appeared early in 1983 for the Sinclair Spectrum, launched around April 1982 but which took eight weeks until first deliveries actually appeared...


November 1983

ZX Microdrive - Now on release

Sounding something like a statement on the fate of a serial murderer from a top-security prison, this advert (part of one of Sinclair's regular "mini magazines" within the magazine they were placed in...