The Saxon Horse Dig - 1997/1998

original Saxon Horse logo, 1997

One of the most interesting projects I did whilst looking after the pioneering Suffolk County Council website (from 1995-2000) was building the web pages for the Saxon horse-and-rider burial discovery. The "Saxon Horse", found on the edge of the U.S. airbase at Lakenheath, proved quite an event at the time - coverage of the dig was made into an episode of the TV series "Meet The Ancestors", and some of the website content even made it on to an edition of Microsoft's Encarta CD-ROM.

Since the SCC website has moved away from doing lots of random interesting stuff for the sake of it into a proper corporate website, most of this content has disappeared and is no longer available anywhere on the internet (apart from the WayBack Machine), which I thought was a shame. So some time in 2009/2010 I contacted Jo Caruth, who had directed the actual dig and who was still working at SCC, for permission to re-assemble this content and re-publish it here. I finally got round to actually pulling all the bits together during March 2011 - and here it is. All text content, the photos and x-rays are reproduced with permission and are © SCC (and are all as originally scanned, with 1997 equipment), and the graphics (which are also 1997 and very Web 0.9) are, I guess © SCC and me, as I made them with Fractal Design's Painter 4. With thanks to Jo Caruth at Suffolk County Council.