Torch adverts


May 1982

Torch - The Computer to Set the World Alight

After former chartered accountants Martin Vlieland-Boddy and Peter Harris had been applying their finance-gained skills to bring technology to the world of management consultancy, they decided to star...


October 1983

A history of management: part 1

This colourful and quintessentially 80s advert from Torch provides a nice summary of the company's output so far, including the original Communicator (center, now known as the C-series) as well as the...


December 1984

The best thing next to a BBC Micro

Available at around the same time as Torch's "Graduate" - a plug-in system for the BBC Micro which made it more-or-less an IBM PC (using the BBC as a keyboard and display), Torch's Z80 Extension Proce...