EACA/Genie adverts


September 1981

"Versatility is the Key - The Video Genie System"

The EG 3003 Video Genie System was a sort-of TRS-80 Model 1 clone, made by enigmatic Hong Kong electronics company EACA and distributed in the UK by Lowe Electronics. Lowe, an established company that...


December 1982

Colour Genie Does It All!

The EG2000, or Colour Genie, was released at about the same time as EACA International's update to its original 1981 monster computer, the Video Genie. By now known as the Genie I (with built-in tape)...


June 1983

GENIE - able

A simple advert from Lowe Computers (formerly Lowe Electronics) - sole importers of the Genie series of computers, built by enigmatic Hong Kong company EACA - which nicely sums up the entire range at ...