Apple adverts



Apple II: The Managing Director's Personal Computer

From Apple, an advert for the Apple II - a 6502-based computer that might not have made it - as it was over twice the price of its compatriots - had it not been for the advent of Visicalc. This adver...


October 1983

Lisa is much more than a computer

Featured in this back-of-the magazine third-party advert, the ill-fated Lisa was the first mass-market computer to offer the full "WIMP" - Windows, Icons, Mouse, Pointer - experience. Whilst it had ta...


May 1984

Introducing Macintosh. What makes it tick. And talk.

Famously introduced by an Orwellian Ridley Scott-directed advert at the 1984 Super Bowl and billed by Steve Jobs as "the fastest and most powerful computer ever placed in the hands of a large number ...