Atari adverts


16th November 1978

The New Electronic Wonderland: Atari VCS/2600

The Atari VCS was launched in 1977 and is considered as the grand-daddy of all modern video games. Although the Fairchild "Channel F" had pioneered the idea of generic microprocessors with plug-in car...



Atari Personal Computer Systems

Released in 1979, the Atari 800 was originally designed as the better of two models, the other being the Atari 400. The 400 and 800 originally denoted the expected amount of memory that would ship wit...


10th February 1981

Atari: There's No Comparing It With Any Other Video Game

Another advert for the legendary Atari 2600 Games Console, launched five years before in 1977 and still doing well. The advert shows a nice stack of games cartridges - games systems have always lived...


6th April 1981

Three Atari Video Computer Systems Must Be Won!

A nice competition advert which featured in a March or April edition of the comic 2000AD, offering the chance to win one of three Atari VCS2600 (sometimes known as "Woody") game consoles, with a Space...


June 1982

The Atari Video Computer System from Ingersoll

Another advert for the Granddaddy of the modern video game comes in the form of a gate-fold brochure containing a colourful list of 40 or so game cartridges. Although in appearance just a games consol...


December 1982

Atari Star Raiders: New game, private property

This "advert", which appeared in the pre-Christmas edition of Personal Computer World, is a legal nasty-gram from Atari showing that some things in the software industry have never changed. Although A...


January 1984

As your experience grows, so can your Atari 600XL

The 600XL was one of two computers launched by Atari - the other being the 800XL - at the summer 1983 Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago. It was available in the UK in quantity by the end of the yea...


February 1984

Introducing the Atari XL Home Computers

Commodore had already run adverts for the VIC-20 with the celebrity endorsement of William Shatner and M*A*S*H's Harry Morgan in the US, and had used legendary 70s comedian Ronnie Barker in the UK. At...


April 1985

The 520ST. Over-qualified and under-paid

After resigning from Commodore in January 1984, the business he founded as a typewriter repair outfit in the 1950s and the company that produced the world's first all-in-one "personal computer", the C...