RAIR adverts


April 1980

RAIR Terminal Choice - choose from the best

This is an early advert from enigmatic company RAIR. RAIR appeared to have started out, like ACT, as a timesharing bureau as well as a supplier of peripherals and terminals. The company, as RAIR Times...


March 1981

RAIR: Black Box III Microcomputer solutions

Nearly nine years before the band Black Box released chart-topping track "Ride on Time", The other "Black Box" from RAIR was released. With a highly impressive 200MB of disk access and capable of supp...


March 1983

The box is not always black

A nice advert from RAIR showing the company's credentials as an OEM supplier, with the company's original "Black Box" showing up as the Innsite micro, Ryman business computer and most famously as ICL'...