Nascom/Lucas adverts


June 1978

"Nascom 1 Microprocessor Z80 kit"

Nascom, the computer company spun out from electronics company Nasco and eventually acquired by car-parts maker Lucas was, for a while, the UK's biggest supplier of computer kits. By the summer of 197...


January 1980

Buy Nascom 2 Now and get a free 16K RAM board

The Nascom 2 was one of a range of kits produced by UK computer manufacturer Nascom, founded by John Marshall and Kerr Borland. The previous model, the Nascom 1, had been designed primarily as a way o...


February 1982

"Nascom 3 - from Lucas Logic"

Perhaps implausibly from the company better known for car parts - belts, bulbs and oil filters and so on - comes the Nascom 3, courtesy of Lucas Logic. Lucas had bought Nascom in 1982, after a previo...