1983 adverts



Acorn Electron

This sales brochure, featuring a very Salvador Dali-esque painting including a Rubik's Cube - the defining icon of the 1980s - was for the Acorn Electron, also known as the Elk - a machine first annou...


January 1983

Oric-1 - created by Tangerine

Tangerine had been around for a few years, selling a 6502-based one-board computer called the Microtan. This was abandoned after around 10,000 systems had been sold, but was rescued by Microtanic comp...

Digital Research

February 1983

CP/M Graphics - your ticket to success

Founded, along with his wife Dorothy, in 1976 as Intergalactic Digital Research, three years after Gary Kildall first wrote CP/M - the first-ever disk operating system for a microcomputer, Digital Res...


March 1983

ZX Spectrum - 16K or 48K RAM from only £125!

This advert is part of an impressive 4-page spread that appeared early in 1983 for the Sinclair Spectrum, launched around April 1982 but which took eight weeks until first deliveries actually appeared...


March 1983

Portable micros - taking the computer a step further

This is one of a few adverts that appeared around the time which could be read as something of a sad coda on the life of Transam Microsystems Limited, which had started out as Transam Components and w...