1978 adverts



"Introducing the Pedigree PET - 8K only £499"

The PET was the result of a project by MOS Technology of Pennsylvania to develop its 6500 series of microprocessors, designed as drop-in replacements for Motorola's 6800 by ex-Motorola engineers (now ...

Vector Graphic

March 1978

Vector Graphic's Memorite: what's in it for you?

Vector Graphic's Memorite "turn-key" microcomputer system (which meant that the software required to run it was all in ROM and was thus immediately available when the machine was switched on) is an ea...


June 1978

"Nascom 1 Microprocessor Z80 kit"

Nascom, the computer company spun out from electronics company Nasco and eventually acquired by car-parts maker Lucas was, for a while, the UK's biggest supplier of computer kits. By the summer of 197...


June 1978

Bywood Scrumpi 2 + 3 = ?

Had it not been for one of The Register's great articles on one of the forgotten pioneers of the early computer scene, this advert from Bywood, a company founded in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, by ...