Dragon Data adverts

Dragon Data

September 1982

Dragon: Fire Your Imagination

This is a nice A5 landscape booklet, produced as sales material for the Dragon 32 probably around the time that the Dragon was released in August 1982. The Dragon 32 was first announced around June 19...

Dragon Data

November 1983

Some new hoops for the Dragon to jump through

This advert for Dragon software comes at a time when the company was going through one of its many financial crises, which this time involved an additional investor injection of £2.5 million, triggere...

Dragon Data

April 1984

Weetabix: 100 Dragon Home Computer Sets to be Won!!

In the year that Dragon Data went in to receivership comes this "proxy" advert from Weetabix, in what would have been quite a good prize bundle at the time. Each of the 100 sets that Weetabix were giv...

Dragon Data

July 1984

What else would I do with a GEC Dragon 64?

This advert appears during the phase of Dragon Data's history when it was being managed by GEC (General Electric Company) - the British satellites to defense to home electronics business. This had hap...