The Markets of Brussels, Belgium - 1st January 2007

Nosher and Isobel head over via the Channel Tunnel to visit Jules and Pieter in Brussels for New Year's Eve. Over the few days we are there, we take a couple of trips out to visit various markets, including a continuing Christmas Market near the Grand Place in the heart of Brussels' old town.

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Natan waits to cross the road and tramlines

A grumpy-looking fruit woman gives Nosher the Hairy Eyeball

Peter points at fruit

Kai: The Baby Nosh

A couple of fruit-and-veg sellers

A random selection of fluffy slippers

Uncovered tramlines

Kai in a push-chair

An Abbey Road-esqu photo

A single pair of bright-green leaves in a sea of dead brown ones

Numi the kitten peers out from behind the fishtank

Cats cannot resist the power of string

An inflatable 'Ice Monster' waits to lure unwary children

Brussels' Christmas Market

Old-style carousel

Some dude peers up forlornly from a heap of fabric

Confusion at the saucisson stall

Dr. Waffle pours his magic mixture into a waffle iron

Jules scoffs a waffle with cream

A brass busking band

Jules and Isobel munch on waffles

A Brussels organ grinder

A beggar's dog waits patiently on a bench

Kids on a great old-fashioned merry-go-round

Colourful restaurant sign

Heaving crowds near to the Grand Place

A bit of classical busking

Part of the L'Hôtel De Ville in the Grand Place

A foursome stride purposefully across the Grand Place

Nosher and the Grand Place reflected in a shiny disco mirror-ball

Jules and Is wait for Nosher

Brussels' Manneken Pis statue

Near the Manneken Pis, Santas climb the walls

A fake spot of forest green

Back at the house, Nosher and Natan play Scalextric!

Kai and Natan on the kitchen table

Nosher makes a 'Purple People-Eater' out of Play Doh, to which Pieter has added colourful hair

Natan shows off his swimming goggles

Kai peers out of the cardboard Wendy House

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Natan waits to cross the road and tramlines