Back home, Sophie looks up

Back home, Sophie looks up

Pieter in the kitchen

The wine has good legs

Jules and Isobel chat

Natan on a bike

A flower stall

Kai, Jules and Isobel on the streets

Kai looks at olives

A grumpy-looking fruit woman gives Nosher the Hairy Eyeball

Peter buys a red pepper

Kai: The Baby Nosh

A couple of fruit-and-veg sellers

A random selection of fluffy slippers

Uncovered tramlines

A Brussels side street

Kai in a push-chair

A statue waves

Just like Abbey Road

A funky door

Nosher in the garden

Numi the kitten peers out from behind the fishtank

A stripey kitten

Natan plays with Numi

Cats cannot resist the power of string

Isobel roams the garden

An inflatable 'Ice Monster' waits to lure unwary children

Crowds in a Brussels square

Christmas market

A rug seller

An old-style carousel

There's a scrum at a market shed

Waffles are put out to cool

Confusion at the saucisson stall

Dr. Waffle pours his magic mixture into a waffle iron

A crowd at Vandonghen waffles

Customers wait for warm waffles

Jules scoffs a waffle with cream

A busking brass band

Jules and Isobel munch on waffles

Restaurant 'Les Crustaces'

A Brussels organ grinder

A dog on a bench

Kids on a great old-fashioned merry-go-round

Isobel and Jules walk around

Inside a cheese deli

Satirical poster

People wait to cross the road

Heaving crowds near to the Grand Place

A bit of classical busking

The Grand Place

Part of the L'Hôtel De Ville in the Grand Place

Tourists on the Grand Place

Nosher and the Grand Place reflected in a shiny disco mirror-ball

Jules and Isobel wait for Nosher


Brussels' famouse Manneken Pis statue

Near the Manneken Pis, Santas climb the walls

Isobel passes a flower shop

Illuminated trees

Nosher in a bar

A Brussels bar

Posters on the wall

Stacked café chairs

Warm light from a church window

A grand entrance arch

More illuminated trees

Isobel on a tram

Back in the kitchen

Pieter roams around the kitchen

Over at Dirk and Anne-Mie's for dinner

Dirk looks around

Dirk serves up some sort of pudding creation

Pieter plays a bit of piano

Dirk waves a bottle of brandy around

The view of Jules and Pieter's pad

Nosher helps the boys with Scalextric

Back at the house, Nosher and Natan play Scalextric

Natan at the top of a small hill in Royal Park

A pile of rusted metal

Pieter helps Natan learn wheelies

Natan pushes his bike through the woods

We find a derelict building in Royal Park

Derelict building and graffiti

A heavily graffiti'd garage door

There's not much of the roof left

Pieter peers through a hole in the wall

Inside the derelict building

Broken walls and a staircase to nowhere

A message for the local constabulary

Kai and Natan on the kitchen table

Crowds under a blue light

The Hôtel de Ville is all lit up

Searchlights shine from a tower

Pieter in a chocolate shop

A grand building lit up in pink

In another bar

Isobel gets the beers in

Isobel's ready for a sleep

Bar life

Isobel wakes up again

Jaws translates badly as 'Teeth of the Sea'

Nosher makes a purple thing of Play Doh

Natan shows off his swimming goggles

Kai peers out of the cardboard Wendy House

A Brussels post box

Back on Le Shuttle under the Channel