A Sojourn in Roma, Italy: Day 1 - 21st-22nd July 2008

Isobel's chums are getting married in Tuscany, and so, to make something of a holiday out of it, we go out for the week before. On the way, we stop off in Rome for an overnighter, which gives a bit of a chance to poke around this grand old (hot an humid) city. Nosher's driving the hired "sprog-hauler" around Rome (for the first time), which is a bit hair-raising, but Iz gives some good navigation and we get to the hotel with no problem. There, we meet up with the Belgian massive - Pieter and Jules - who have been in town for most of the day, and proceed out for a wander and a spot of food in the evening...

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The view looking down the Spanish Steps

The evening sun lights up the Basilica at the top of the Spanish Steps in Rome

Tourists and local alike soak up a bit of evening sunshine on the Spanish Steps in Rome

It's aparently a bit of a 'thing' to collect water from the fountains of Rome

What looks a lot like chestnut roasting

The Trevi Fountains (and the hordes of tourists)

Pieter, Jules and Isobel's bottle of water

The statue looks like it's eating a banana (or worse)

Pigeon-feature, Roman style

Everyone's a David Bailey or a Frederico Fellini

Trevi's fruit

A tat-seller shouts for business

Isobel looks highly relieved to get a bit of that Gelato

Nearby, a passing girl is given a budgie for some reason

Roman street scene

The cobbles of Rome

Pieter peers in to a shop window

Posters advertising the 'Magic Flute' adorn a wall

Down-and-out in Rome: a discarded champagne bottle on a step

Jules, Isobel and a huge puffy bread-thing

Our restaurant for the evening - al fresco

Jules, Pieter and Iz uplit by a floor-light

Cobbled square in sodium light

A street scene from the taxi window

A quickly-grabbed photo of The Forum by night as we zoom past in the taxi

Il Colloseo, and a couple of buses

The back of the Colloseum at night

Back in the hotel, Jules and Pieter visit our room and have a go in the jaccuzzi

Isobel blows foam at Nosher. Luckily the Pentax K10D is water-resistant

In the morning, the view out of the window includes the Roman speciality of the aerial forest

The hotel's sign over the Via Boncampagni

Our roof-top breakfast

Isobel fashions a sun-shade from her sunglasses case

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The view looking down the Spanish Steps