Arezzo and Tuscany, Italy - 22nd-25th July 2008

Following on from our brief stay in Rome, we head up the autostrada to our pad for the week: a converted farmhouse near the town of Arezzo in Tuscany. It's a chance for a bit of relaxation by the pool, as well as several nights out in the nearby town for some pizza, pasta and plenty of Limoncello...

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Iz, Stefano, Jules, Pieter, Laura and Ville in our first night's restaurant rendezvous

Scenes from an Italian Restaurant

Nosher gives it some

Walking through the old town of Arezzo

Quiet paved streets

The view over the vineyards, as seen from the car park

In the 'ipercoop', a bunch of hanging proscuitto hams

We hang out by the picnic table

Isobel and Jules, and a bottle of Peroni

Olive groves

Our rustic kitchen

Table, fruit and an open window

Isobel floats around and shows off 'the bump'

Pieter comes over and offers some floatation assistance for the bump

Pieter leaps out of the water

Pieter, for a brief moment, is walking on water

We pitch up at a rather nice restaurant by Arezzo's grand piazza

The Finnish massive

Nicely decorated wine glasses

Laura shows Isobel her starter

Nosher's plate of ravioli al tartufo

The group around the table

Life through the bottom of a wine glass

Arezzo's main square

Street life

Ville and Stefano on an escalator

The gang mess around on the escalators

Pieter does some balancing

Isobel finds a cat

One of the apartments

A view of Tuscany

A few more olives than Nosher has on his own tree

A view down the road to Arezzo

Pieter fires up the barbie for a night of noshing

Isobel and Laura help set up

Laura and Jules discuss stuff

Swirly lights

A feast of barbequed rabbit

Pieter flakes out

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Iz, Stefano, Jules, Pieter, Laura and Ville in our first night's restaurant rendezvous