The road to Thornham gets some Autumnal hints

The road to Thornham gets some Autumnal hints

Round bales in a field near Braiseworth

Allyson pokes around in a barbeque

Tent city in the quiet camping area

The path to the festival

Harry runs around with a green hat on

Bubble action

Children chase bubbles around

A UFO DJ station in the Outer Limits

The next day doesn't start well, weather wise

The boys make long bubbles

Isobel joins in

Harry makes a huge bubble

A spoon carver sets up

Fred and Harry are on the rifle range

Fred lines up for a shot

Isobel picks up some free wellies

Some festival music starts

Time for a drink

Harry and Isobel

Emma O'Reilly plays keyboards

Emma O'Reilly and band sing in Irish

Fred tries on a Chinese shirt

Fred looks at novelty bikes

Vibe City Brass Band do a sound check

Nosher and Fred sign up to do spoon carving

Fred uses a draw knife to shave down a handle

A selfie of the shrunken head workshop

Fred learns some carving techniques

Someone takes their cat for a walk

The Maui Waui Flavour Parlour

Isobel's got a beer

More music in action

Isobel gets face-painted

Double-bass action from Horse Puppets

A paint fight breaks out

Paint Pixies are setting up a mass paint fight

Fred gets some green paint

Fred's ready

Clouds of paint explode

Blue paint everywhere

A dude in a tutu

Blue Man

After the paint fight

Fred after the melée

A post-paint-fight group photo

An explosion in a paint factory

Announcement from a Paint Pixie

We find a frog roaming around and rescue it

The boys in the awning pod

Allyson and Isobel have a late-evening drink

The boys meet Penny from Diss

There's some comedy science in the circus tent

Handstand on stacked chairs

A dude balances on a ladder

There's a bit of Burlesque later on

The festival at night

Fred waves a glowstick around

A dragonfly on a towel

Harry queues up for some pasta

It's sort-of lunchtime

The Rye Sisters play in the café tent

A band photo of the Rye Sisters

Sparkly gold dress

An impressive suit

Hut People perform on the main stage

Hut People's percussionist

More festival get-ups

Harry plays piano

Giant statues, like Bladerunner 2059

Allyson and Pete have been face-painted

More music in the Flavour Parlour

Harry and Isobel do Table Football

Harry looks on

We bump into Amandines Sue

The Outer Limits DJ booth is a transformer

Harry's not impressed with the noice

A puppet Velociraptor

Harry leaps after bubbles

Harry's locked and loaded

Dan the Hat does his thing

Dan the Hat juggles five balls

The Donnie Darko rabbit waits for paint

Purple paint is loaded up

Pink paint everywhere

Yellow paint and green hair

Yellow and purple paint in a pot

William Wallace is ready

The paint fight starts

The paint flies

Well covered in powder

Emerging from the dust

A top up for a second round

Fred emerges, fairly unscathed

Some crazy paint fighters

A third round explodes

Fred's got a bit more paint on now

Another post-paint group photo

A girl shouts as some spiky punks walk past

Some children ask if there's any more

Hank Wangford in action

The boys get milkshakes

A break-out music session in the beer tent

Cabarat take to the stage in the Flavour Parlour

Allyson and Pete dance around

Traditional music action

Harry's found the way in to the picture wall

Harry runs around

Dave Thomas plays some blues

Funky LED shades

Outdoor café

A bit of juggling in the circus tent

Tightrope whilst playing the violin

Lights reflect from the bottom of the clouds