Large bits of Morrison's car park are closed off

Large bits of Morrison's car park are closed off

Morrison's car park is closed for resurfacing

The old Curry's in Diss

The Waterfront has a nice flower display on

There's a queue of ducks at the sandwich shop

A gang of ducks cross Market Hill

The ducks head off down to the Mere

Café Culture closes after decades in Diss

The former Carphone Warehouse is vacant

The former PDSA shop gets a makeover

The dude with the quad-bicycle, PAT 85

Harry points at some fish in Morrisons

Harry heads off to Hook a Duck

Harry hooks a duck

The boys do a mirror maze thing

Fred roams around

Harry on the funhouse

Harry and Isobel exit the funhouse

Isobel exits through the spinning wheel

Harry has a bounce

Harry bounces over Fair Green

We do a session on the dodgems

Fred drives a dodgem

Dodgems action

Fred, Harry and Isobel head off

Harry, Fred and Isobel on the spinner

More spinning action

Fred looks freaked out

Harry and Isobel wait on the 'Eliminator'

There's a hands-in-the-air moment

Isobel looks like that was enough

Harry's in the Funhouse again

Fred leans on a railing

The boys get slushies

The queue for the Fair Green chipper

Hanging around for Fish and Chips

Isobel gets some spaghetti and ragu

Funky sunflowers

Kitten in the celery

Molly Mog roams around on the table

A kitten on the old armchair in the garden

The kittens mess around outside

Fred tries on Harry's awesome hydraulic hand