Times Square, USS Intrepid and the High Line, Manhattan, New York - 25th October 2018

Day Four in New Jersey/New York and we cram in an action-packed day which starts with a train ride to Penn Station, followed by a walk down 7th Avenue to Times Square, then a trudge across town to the Hudson River for a look around USS Intrepid, the aircraft carrier which amongst many exhibits houses G-BOAD - the BA Concorde which to this day holds the transatlantic crossing world record, with a time of 2 hours and 52 minutes. After that, we do the High Line - a converted former elevated railway that Isobel has been keen on doing since her previous stay in the Meatpacking District the year before. This ends up as quite a long walk, after which the boys are fairly wrecked, and it's all we can do to haul them back on the subway to Penn Station and then the train back to Millburn.

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Whilst waiting for sushi in Millburn, Nosher spots Goldberg's, all lit up in red

We carve up our pumpkins from Alstede Farm

The lake in the back garden

A derelict Ramada coach in a scrap yard near Newark City

The New Jersey Turnpike, and a derelict bridge

7th Avenue, on the way to Times Square

The signs of Times Square are reflected in the cars that drive beneath them

An FDNY van drives by at speed

The gang look around Times Square

Nosher and the boys

There's some strange photo shoot going on

It's busy in Times Square

Streams of traffic and crowds of people, looking down Broadway

A cool number plate is spotted - pianos - outside a piano shop

The pumpkin theme is certainly a Thing

We get some waffles from a van near the Intrepid on 12th Avenue

The aircraft carrier Intrepid, with its catapult arms sticking out

The boys in front of a Lockheed A-12 - the forerunner of the SR-71 'Blackbird'

The Lockheed A-12 - a Mach 3 reconnaissance aircraft

The Intrepid now has an actual Space Shuttle - the prototype Enterprise, as flown from a 747

Inside a Russian Soyuz capsule

Fred takes the wheel of the Intrepid

Harry has a go, complete with helmet

Fred tries out the ship's compass

The bridge of the USS Intrepid

Even massive aircraft carriers need wing mirrors

The Intrepid now also houses the last BA Concorde to fly to JFK

The stunning British Aerospace / Aerospatiale Concorde. It's a crime this isn't still flying

The exhaust ducts of two Rolls-Royce / Snecma Olympus turbojets

The gorgeous Concorde G-BOAD

Fred hangs around below decks on the Intrepid

We head down into the USS Growler cruise-missile submarine

Looking up the conning tower

A former crewman explains the periscopes to the boys

Isobel heads off through the sub

The torpedoes

Down on the very west of 42nd Street, we find a diner

Isobel looks like she's got a proper grump on

Fred in the diner

Brightly-coloured cast-iron steps lead down in to the basement

Diner stools

Isobel rounds up the boys

A traffic cop does their thing

The funky Michael J. Quill bus depot on 11th Avenue

Post no bills

A big train depot

Fred does his 'Statue of Liberty' thing again

Harry has a go too

We head off down the High Line

A derelict Mobil petrol station on 30th Street and 10th Avenue

Bits of the original High Line railway are still around

People have flung coins onto the iron girders. Presumably, not all landed on the girders...

Run down apartment blocks

In between factory buildings

The building is full of amusing anti-Trump stuff

Epic old tenement buildings

Street art featuring some sad Lady Liberties

A graffiti-strewn body-work shop

More street art in Chelsea

A covered bit by the High Line shop

Some dude plays the cello

There's a guy playing some amazing Erhu in a bleak concrete underpass

Trees grow up through derelict tracks

Two miles later, near the end of the walk, The boys are flaking out

A light-bulb sign suggests 'give your daughters difficult names'

Harry doesn't like the noise of the subway

14th Street Subway

Nice tiled sign at 23rd Street Subway station

We have to change trains at South Orange

Isobel waves a pretzel around at South Orange station

A train comes in

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Whilst waiting for sushi in Millburn, Nosher spots Goldberg's, all lit up in red