A Postcard From: Derry, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland - 15th August 2019

As we wend our way from Dublin to Manorhamilton in the north west of Ireland, we've gone through Belfast and stopped off at the Giant's Causeway in Antrim. However now we're in the city of Derry/Londonderry for a night, on the 50th anniversary of the start of The Troubles, which started in Derry in August 1969 with the Battle of the Bogside. As we're walking around the city walls, we can see the paint and broken glass and smell the petrol from the petrol bombs the night before, which gives a certain gravitas to the exploration. It's also interesting to see the graffiti around the Bogside on Rossville Street, much of which has been re-worked by UV Arts to paint a less sectarian image, although it's also become something of a tourist magnet, especially since the "Derry Girls" mural went viral. However, the divisions still exist, as on one side of the city walls is the Nationalist Bogside with the murals and the tricolour flags, whilst the other side is clearly Loyalist, with its red, white and blue kerbs and the red hand flags. After we leave Derry, we drive down to Manorhamilton, with a quick stop off in Donegal and a couple of hours or so at Bundoran beach

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Bushmills High Street

The main roundabout in Bushmills

Some nice flowers on the roundabout

Bush House bar, with its ancient Tennents and Bass pub signs

We walk up the road to Molly Malone's bar, on the outskirts of Derry

Fred plays a bit of Molly Malone in the bar of the same name

The boys play Connect 4

Bar life in Molly Malone's

Fred plays his Irish piccolo again in front of the Molly Malone poster

Harry and Fred in the B&B bedroom

Our bedroom for the night

Harry at breakfast in the Derry B&B

The B&B's drive

The boys mess around under the barrier of the William Street car park in Derry

Isobel and Fred look at some foxglove graffiti on Kells Walk

Harry roams around

Bobby Sands and various other Nationalist graffiti

Another Derry mural

Some IRA graffiti

A small mural outside the Museum of Free Derry

Civil Right and Anti Sectarian mural

A boy holds a rock in the face of an army armoured car

A mural depicts the sledgehammer of the British Army smashing down doors

A mural dedicated to Ernesto 'Che Guevara' Lynch

A Civil Rights Association mural

The gang roam around on Rossville Street

More murals

Tourists wander around in front of a Battle of the Bogside mural

The famous 'Free Derry' sign. Unfortunately there's a big stage in the way of it

The Bogside Estate, and a Catholic schoolgirl mural

Up on the hill where the petrol bombs were, some dudes set up a firework dragon

Paint splatters, from the protests the night before

The Bogside

Waterloo Street in Derry

We enter the old city walls at Butcher Gate, on Butcher Street

Fred and Harry look out over the walls

Brightly-painted building on Magazine Street

Castle Gate Buildings on Waterloo Street

Isobel outside an 'Irish Shop'

Harry's on a cannon

The dudes at the hipster barbers don't have a lot to do

The boys find an interesting sculpture outside the Millenium Forum Theatre

Someone has vaguely Tippexed a smile on the statue

The Derry Girls mural, by UV Arts

A yellow Guiness sign on the Bentley Bar's gate

The Derry Girls mural, wih Debenhams in the background

Fred hugs a cannon

The Loyalist side of Derry

The kerb stones are all red, white and blue

The red hand flag

There's a nice musical painted bull in someone's garden

A local dude, dressed up, tells the boys a tale about Cú Chulainn (possibly)

The boys are mesmerised by the story telling

Fred spots a 'Stitch in Time' sign on a building on the horizon

There's a massive pallet bonfire being built on the Bogside

Women of the Republican Struggle

Inside the traditionally-built café in Craft Village on Magazine Street

Harry pours a Lemon Fanta

There's some sort of craft workshop going on

We walk down Harvey Street

Some very Republican murals on Harvey Street

There's a full-on tourist thing on Rossville Street

Some dude checks his phone under photos of the original Battle of the Bogside, 1969

Looking out over Lough Swilly

Isobel in the iron-age ring fort at Burt

The hills of Burt

Looking back over the City of Derry

Isobel sits on a wall

Within minutes, the boys have reverted to scrapping

Harry hurls himself around

Fred runs down a boardwalk

Isobel queues up for coffee and hot chocolate for the boys

The gang look out over Lough Swilly

The river at Donegal

The boys on the beach at Bundoran

The beach at Bundoran

The lifeguard's rescue surfboard looks to be in need of rescue

The boys dig around in the sand

The lifeguard plants a flag

Fairground horses

Isobel and Harry at the Bundoran fairground

Fred gets ready for a bounce

Fred's up in the air

Isobel looks pensive on the dodgems

Some kids are hurled around

Fred has a go on the flying chairs

Fred even manages to do a 'dab'

Gaudy knock-off Mickey Mice

The Bundoran lifeguard station

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