We get a spot of breakfast at a nearby café

We get a spot of breakfast at a nearby café

Outside the church

The parade starts to assemble

A woman with a cross

The crowds start to build up too

Harry's on the pooPad whilst Fred does drawing

The chief of something chats to people

Celebrants file into the church

Fred takes some notes

The church door is closed

Outside, another band appears

The bugle section marches past

A joke is shared in the band

Side drummers

A couple of women in nets

Bloke with a silver staff

Harry looks nonplussed, as Isobel watches

Lots of people with shiny staffs

The head of the march exits the church

Red, white and crosses

The pointy hats, or Capirotes, represent penitence

The first of the heavy floats is carried out

The cross heads off

Phones out

A penitente, with a red Capirote, looks around

A large statue of Jesus is next out of the church

Incense is attented to

The bearers wait for the rest of the parade

An old woman in a veil

Another veiled woman

The final statue appears

The bell is rung

The saxophone section of another band marches past

A TV presenter does her thing

Capirotes and statues head past the Balcón

There's even a phone on a selfie stick

The final status heads off into the lanes

Isobel fills up a water bottle

The boys mess around on a bouncy castle

Leather goods in an alleyway

Fred digs another hole on the beach

The gang walk up from Torrecilla 3

Harry on a hill

We walk back to the bus

A dried-up river bed, as seen form the bus

Fred's up a tree again

Harry and Isobel

We head to Terraza La Parra for the last time

La Parra's tiled sign

Fred in La Parra

Isobel and Fred walk back up to Los Capuchinos

We drop our micro-car off at the car hire place

Harry hauls his Trunki

Heading in to Málaga Airport

Isobel in the departure lounge

A bunch of EasyJet 737s

Isobel hauls her bag around

Isobel and Fred haul luggage

The sunny tarmac of Málaga airport

Málaga's runway

Somewhere near Málaga

Fred plays Tom's Gold Run

Isobel reads a book on the plane

Back on the ground at Norwich Airport

Under the wing of an Embraer 195

It's the same pilot as Nosher's trip to Exeter