Isobel in Times Square

Isobel in Times Square

Tall buildings crowd out the sky

Isobel looks shifty

Times Square intersection

Another view of Times Square

Some sort of video shoot occurs

Filming in Times Square

Isobel roams around

A taxi on a crosswalk

Times Square, when it still had traffic

Outside the Army recruitment centre

An iconic steam vent

Old signs on an old building

Isobel walks past some pasted posters

A dude drums on plastic pots

A woman walks past the street drummer

An empty shop somewhere

There's some sort of continuation of the Persian Festival

A homeless dude sits on a statue base

The café in Bryant Park

Isobel wraps up against the cold

A guitarist in Bryant Park

A homeless dude checks the bins for food

A statue and an old building

Isobel eats a hot dog, with curly fries

In a churchyard somewhere

There's a church yard sale

A back-yard market

A huge collection of jumble

An interesting collection of masks on a wall

Dramatic sculpture somewhere

Near City Hall

A bicycle is pushed across Brooklyn Bridge

Isobel on Brooklyn Bridge

A view of traffic from the bridge

A view of the Empire State from Brooklyn Bridge

Isobel looks at the view

Some dude looks out over the city

Isobel pauses

The wires of the bridge

A sign for Interstate 278

An emergency call point on the bridge

A cyclist carries a spare bike with him

The Jehova's Witness HQ

Classic fire escapes

Some sort of railway remains in the street

Faded York Office/Broad Street signs on a wall

A wedding occurs in the shadow of the bridge

Isobel walks around the dereliction

A derelict door of two halves

Danger: keep out

Another rusty door

Isobel chases the geese

Isobel lies back on a bench

Brooklyn Bridge

Isobel stares into the East River

The bridge through a brick archway

An office chair is discarded

Graffiti on a wall

More graffiti

Graffiti buildings in the shadow of the bridge

Isobel peers into a derelict building

A dangling door hook

Bright graffiti on a rusty door

Curious peeling paint

More rusty ironwork

I could hang from my self-criticism - Elbowtoe

Brooklyn Bridge

Some cool artwork on a wall

A massive painting is worked on

A graffiti'd van

A small convenience store/café