Liberty Island, New York - 27th March 2007

Today's trip is to head down to Battery Park and get a ferry out to see Liberty Island. It's not without its complexity as at first we end up with tickets to some sort of non-stopping cruise. Luckily, we manage to tout one of them off to a passing Swedish tourist before getting the correct ticket for the Liberty/Ellis circle. It's not like the old days (i.e. 1995) when you could turn up and visit the statue, as we discover when a park ranger informs us that we should have booked at least a day in advance if we wanted to go in to the statue. Meh. Nevertheless, it's still a nice wander around and a chance to look at Manhattan from across the river and to once more see "Lady Liberty" close up.

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The bagel bar near to the Marriott hotel in the upper East Side, where we stop for breakfast before getting the subwat downtowon

A cluster of buildings around the ferry terminal in Battery Park

A passing seagull

Another seagull doe sits thing as we look back towards a classic view of Manhattan

The financial district of Manhattan rises up at the confluence of the East and Hudson rivers

The back of the ferry and the three boroughs of New Jersey, Manhattan and Brooklyn

Another seagull shot, and Manhattan in the distance

A first close-up view of the Statue of Liberty

Lady Liberty looks out towards Manhattan

In the ferry, bulkhead lights illuminate the way whilst the ceilings are stuffed with life jackets

'Old Glory' flutters in the wind on Liberty Island

A tourist does a bizarre pose

Izzy flakes out

The US flag and the Statue of Liberty

Iz roams around with 'Camera B' - the trusty old Pentax *ist D

Whatchoo lookin' at?

A telescope - feed 1 quarter to see right in to office windows in Manhattan

Isobel gives the peeper-scope a go

The Empire State building

A peeper-scope that has lost its eyes

Lady Liberty holds the flaming beacon up

The statue: a solitary tourist gets close up

Isobel sits on the ground and giggles at stuff

Standard, but nevertheless iconic, view of the statue

The 10mm fisheye provides some interesting distortion

Ellis Island's old immigration center

The Ellis Island ferry's life belt

Back in Battery Park, once of those weird people-dressed-as-statues en-snares a passing tourist

A bunch of break-dance boyz do their thing

Caught in mid-tumble

One of the brek-dance dudes goes around collecting offerings

The finale: a beak-dance dude limbos through a line of teenage girls

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The bagel bar near to the Marriott hotel in the upper East Side, where we stop for breakfast before getting the subwat downtowon