Isobel has a beer on a boat

Isobel has a beer on a boat

Phil and Isobel chat

Kicking back

Kai and Isobel play piano

Phil's boat in the drive

Phil tows his boat up the road a bit

The Bronx Whitestone Bridge

Powell's Cove, and a distance view of Manhattan

A solar halo is spotted

There really is a Hicksville

A trucker's dog peers forlornly out of a small footwell window

The Bay Shore Marina

On the Fire Island Ferry, we scoff hot fried clams and shrimp

Phil sets up a massive chess game

Isobel plays as Nosher's queen, whilst Kai stands in as Phil's rook

Chess on the sand

Atlantic seafront

Isobel on the empty beach

Blue sky, white sands

A stack of discarded fencing lies on the beach

A Fire Island fire hydrant is observed by a strange yellow statue

The chess pieces are scattered

Lolly's beach house

Sunset over the old pier

Close up on the pier

The end of the jetty states somewhat obviously: 'boats'

The Fire Island lighthous light reflects on the water

Phil and Isobel mill around on the pier

Phil and Isobel on a pier covered by sea-shells broken open by seagulls

Phil takes us for a quick tour of the fire station

The house in the dusk

A fence under the moonlight

Moonlit beach under the orange barf-glow of Manhattan

Orion's belt, and an SUV on the beach

A beach house stands on the edge of the beach

A long exposure as an SUV drives past

The fenced-off path leading to the beach

A plane takes off from JFK

The giant chess set's pieces lie discarded in the moonlight

Isobel in the beach house

Lolly gets something out of the fridge

Isobel looks up inside the lighthouse

From the top of Fire Island's lighthouse, the view over the west of the island

The island police station

The towns of Kismet and Saltaire

The bridge to the west of the island

A couple walk along the boardwalk up to the lighthouse

The remains of an old lighthouse

The lighthouse lantern

The way down

A bench in the lighthouse

Fire Island lighthouse

One of several deer on the island, aparently considered a pest

A Virgin Atlantic A340-600 parked at Heathrow