A view over West Hoe

A view over West Hoe

The compulsory shot of Smeaton's Tower

West Hoe, Plymouth

A wide view of Hoe Drive

The Belvedere

A flower garden on East Hoe

Isobel mills around near a K6 phonebox on East Hoe

The obelisk round the back of the Hoe

Southside Street in the Barbican

Lenkiewicz's murals are fading badly

The Plymouth Gin Distillery, once a student haunt

Inside the Plymouth Gin Distillery

Pubs and the customs house on the Barbican

Fishing boat on the harbour

A fishing boat in the Marina

A lone swan floats about

The 'Plymouth Quest'

The queue for Cap'n Jasper's

There's a carousel on the Barbican

A mural with John Dudley and a telescope

People hang around near New Street

Isobel near the Mayflower steps

The Mayflower Steps

Isobel stands on the site of the Mayflower Steps

One of the cruise ships

A nice Jaguar XK on Madeira Road

A classic Jaguar XK on the Hoe

East Hoe, and Smeaton's Tower

East Hoe and Tinside Lido

The massive frigate sheds at Devonport

Ships moored at Devonport, including F87 HMS Chatham

On the Torpoint Ferry

The car deck of the Torpoint ferry

There's a bit of rubbish on the beach

Isobel stops to change feet on Whitsand Bay beach

Whitsand Bay beach

Rippled sand on the beach

Isobel walks around

Jagged rocks stick out of the sand

Mussels and barnacles

Isobel gets her feet in the sand

Aeolian and water erosion patterns

Footprints on the sand

Nosher's feet, and rippled sand

A nice rock pool

Isobel walks along the waterline

Viaduct on the River Tiddy at St. Germans

Dartmoor sheep near Hoo Meavy

Isobel leans on a gate

The Royal Oak at Meavy

An epic tree outside the church

Sis and Matt wait for dinner

In the chapel's dining room

Mike pours some wine

Isobel, Mother and Mike

Matt, Sis, Mike and Mother

Action shot: Nosher holds a glass of wine

Matt, who looks like he's doing a selfie

Mike's mini still is on the go

Isobel helps out in the kitchen