Visiting Sis in Changford, Devon - 9th April 2007

Following a couple of days visiting Mother and Mike near Yelverton, on the south side of Dartmoor, it's time to head across the moor to the north side to see Sis and Matt at their new (ish) pad in Chagford. As well as milling around Chagford for a bit and having the odd beer in the local, there's plenty of walking around involved - and the opportunity to be nearly run over by Jennifer Saunders' Porsche - in the nearby countryside, and around Fernworthy Resevoir.

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Matt, Izzy and Sis watch for their Pooh Sticks to appear (Nosher won that round)

A tree sprouts out from a stone wall and seems precariously perched upon it

A tree stump

Red Letterbox and single yellow daffodil

A closed petrol station (called Northfield) on the edge of Chagford

One of many cute houses in Chagford

Matt and Sis (right) in their local boozer

Sis roams around the kitchen

Iz cuts some quiche

Mother (right) contemplates a board-game question

Iz stands by the churchyard gate

The centre of Chagford

Possibly the world's cutest bank - a thatched Lloyds TSB

Sis and Matt's pad (well, theirs is a flat in here somewhere)

Striding off through the forest around Fernworthy

The sun shines through tall pine trees

Isobel talks to some ponies, but they're a little shy

Isobel gets close to a horse

On the path, a pine-cone missive

Tangled wood: a nice banding of colour

Iz, Matt and Sis hang on a gate for a while

A drowned tree in Fernworthy Resevoir

An ancient ston grave

Flooded tussocks of grass and another drowned tree

Fernworthy Resevoir, looking towards the dam

A fly-fisher casts his line

Bright red lifebelt

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Matt, Izzy and Sis watch for their Pooh Sticks to appear (Nosher won that round)