The path to Sheepstor

The path to Sheepstor

Isobel climbs up Sheepstor

Isobel glances back at a trig point

Climbing around the rocks

The view down to Burrator Resevoir

A view from Sheepstor

Other walkers on the other part of the tor

Isobel has a drink

Nosher and Isobel on Sheepstor

Heading down

The tree-lined path

Isobel amongst the tall pines

Ivy almost completely envelopes a tree

Isobel looks at something

New ferns uncurl in the woods

Ivy and a pine cone look almost like a still life

Waterboatmen skate around on a pond

The 13th Century tin miners' bridge at Postbridge

The bridge at Postbridge

Isobel peers into the river

Matt, Isobel and Sis watch for their sticks

We head off for a walk around Chagford

Trees perfectly reflected in the still river

A dog walker

Northfield petrol station on the edge of Chagford

A mini stone circle

A nice thatched house in Chagford

Matt and Sis in the local boozer

Matt and Sis in their kitchen

Matt does some food preparation

Boiled potatoes and roasted peppers

The dinner table

Isobel cuts some quiche

Mother contemplates a board-game question

Chagford graveyard

Isobel stands by the churchyard gate

The centre of Chagford

The world's cutest bank - a thatched Lloyds TSB

Sis and Matt's pad

The sun shines through tall pine trees

A glimpse of Fernworthy Resevoir

Isobel talks to some ponies

Isobel finds some more ponies

Isobel gets close to a horse

On the path, a pine-cone missive

A dense tangle of trees

Everyone looks into a stream for some reason

Isobel says hello to a dog

Isobel, Matt and Sis hang on a gate for a while

Fernworthy Resevoir

A drowned tree in Fernworthy Resevoir

An ancient stone grave

Flooded tussocks of grass and another drowned tree

Fernworthy Resevoir, looking towards the dam

A fly-fisher casts his line

Bright red lifebelt

Behind the Fernworty dam