A table of food is carried around

A table of food is carried around

Dancers in the street

The dancers huddle up

The parade crosses East 30th Street

Girls on a float

On Madison Avenue

Crossing the street near a police bus

The Zoroastrians of Iran

An Iranian dude with a big sign

A big banner stretches across the street

Some anti-Hollywood protest

Flags are waved

More dances

A couple of dudes on horseback

More flag waving

A dude in a fake beard

A marching band

A kinky horn

A girl in national dress

Another fake beard

A view of the Empire State from 34th and 9th Avenue

Brownstone apartments

A cool old Cadillac

More apartments with classic fire escapes

Some sort of broken electrical gear on the street

Stretchworld Fabrics neon

Ben's Delicatessen

Spiked fire hydrants

A silver drinking water sample point

Somebody's takeaway in a phone booth

The entrance to Grand Central Station

Isobel in Grand Central Station

A view from the hotel window

Isobel chats to the bartender, Amy

Some dude cues up some music

We're invited to play a game of stick

Nosher by the pool table

Isobel fancies a slice of Joe's Pizza on 2nd Avenue

Convenience store on 2nd Avenue

Isobel crosses 2nd Avenue

Isobel outside a 24hr store on 2nd

Isobel roams around outside Apple's modest shop

A golden statue

A thousand taxis by Central Park

There's a big green sculpture on a corner of Central Park

Isobel gets a hot dog

The hotdog stand

St. Patrick's Cathedral on 5th Avenue

Inside St. Patrick's

An ornate door

Isobel in Macy's

Macy's department store

Isobel gets a make-over

There's some sort of skin-product choosing

Another hotdog stand

A big truck hauls rubble around

It's time for pretzels

A literal sign

A Hasidic dude gets a shoe shine

A hallway in Grand Central Station

Grand Central's main concourse

Another view of the Grand Central concourse

There is a troupe of break-dancers down in the subway

Grand Central sign

The 28th Street subway sign

On the subway