Isobel gets a haircut by Hannah of Bumble and Bumble

Isobel gets a haircut by Hannah of Bumble and Bumble

Watching planes in the coolest haircut location ever

The 60s/70s/post-modern Virgin Upper Class Lounge

The Virgin Lounge bar

View of planes from the lounge 'roof-top garden'

An American Airlines 777 heavy taxis to the gate

Funky funiture in the Virgin lounge

Isobel chooses some food from the menu

Nosher: the boy in the bubble

In New York: decorated building on 3rd Avenue

Isobel pauses to wait for the ever-photographing Nosher

Mayoral memorial

Looking over the Onassis resevoir to Central Park West

Joggers in Central Park

The Central Park half/full marathon

Some musical dudes entertain the runners

The Gatorade promotional drink stop

Isobel stops to chat to a dog

A cyclist is a bit out of place

Trees in Central Park

No shit, Sherlock

Supporters hold up signs of encouragement

Spot the dog: a rat-on-a-rope in a handbag

A mountain lion is poised to leap on a passing runner

The Alice in Wonderland statue

A bronze statue celebrating Alice in Wonderland in Central Park

A big pond

Running over a crosswalk

Runner 4021 gives a smile

A dried-out fountain

The end of the run

Runners wrap themselves in plastic bags

A million 'space blankets'

Men in kilts hand out balloons on Columbus Circle

A bagel bar just south of Columbus Circle

The pizza guy flings his dough around

A small dog with perky ears looks pitiful as it's tied up outside the bagel store

The small dog again

Les Paul's double-bass player

Les Paul plays guitar

Les Paul in action

Les Paul and his piano player

The piano guy

Les Paul tells one of his anecdotes

The guitar guy

Les Paul looks a bit sad

A taxi in Times Square

A street tobacconist

The police are out doing horse-based PR

A view from the cab on 2nd Avenue

Looking North East from the top of Empire State

The Hudson River and the Met Life building

The Chrysler Building

Looking down on the hundreds of taxis

The tower on top of the Empire State

Tourists look out over Manhattan

Isobel looks at the view

Looking south

The MetLife and Chrysler buildings

The East River

Looking towards New Jersey

Macy's Department Store

The Chrysler Building lights up

Manhattan in the evening light

Manhattan in the sunset

Cool tiled toilet in the Empire State

The Empire State's lobby

Our evening dinner location - a pizza restaurant

Isobel waits for pizza

Isobel says hello to a police horse

Times Square