A Day Trip to Calais, France - 11th August 2004

Realising that it was time to stock up on cheese, "big Al" sorts out a day-trip to Calais. DH and Phil pile in with Nosher; Claire and Paul go with Al. There's around 8 hours in France: enough time for a trip to L'Hypermarché, Le Wine et Beer Warehouse, Wimmereax (along the coast towards Bolougne) and an old German gun emplacement - part of the Batterie Todt - on Cap Gris Nez (probably the Grosser Kurfürst Battery). More about these batteries can be found here. It's a very strange experience creeping around in the almost-total dark, seeing wartime graffiti with charicatures of Churchill and Nazi slogans on the walls, picked out by the light of a small Maglite torch.

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Queueing for the ferry at 7:50am (after a 5:20am start)

Claire and Al do the whole 'ferry breakfast fry-up' thing

The boys peer over the side of the ferry

Ferry decks

DH and The Boy Phil prepare the 'beer carriers'

DH inspects some cheese

More cheese action

Phil, Al and DH hang around with their booty

Phil and DH eat French stick and cheese out of the boot of Nosher's car

Nosher in the car park of Auchan in Coquelles, near Calais

Phil and DH with some absurdly-strong Leffe

Claire and Al

In a Wine'n'beer warehouse, Phil scopes out more beer

On the promenade at Wimmereaux (pretending not look at the girls)

The sea-front at Wimmereaux

DH, Phil and Paul

Claire, Paul, DH and Al cruise the Croisette (well, at least the prom)

Wimmereaux wanderings

Claire and Paul by a very bright green building

Later, we park up and explore an interesting-looking derelict gun emplacement near Cap Gris Nez

Finding a way in

Exploring the heavily-graffitoed interior of the gun emplacement

Inside the gun emplacement - it used to house four 28cm guns that would lob shells at Kent

The remains of a light switch - 'licht', indeed

1940s German graffiti

'...gegen Engeland' means 'against England'

The Nazi eagle and a Swastika

Charicature of Churchill, with a board saying 'England + Russia = Victory'

Another cartoon of Winston Churchill, with his trademark cigar popping out of his mouth in shock

A load of swastikas

Phil and DH stare out across the channel, in the direction where the guns would have fired

DH (armed with a French stick) and Phil

The Bauhaus-esque exterior of the battery

The back end of the the battery

Phil, DH and Nosher have a ham, cheese and stick picnic

The ferry leaves Calais

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Queueing for the ferry at 7:50am (after a 5:20am start)