In the car queue for the ferry at 7:50am

In the car queue for the ferry at 7:50am

Claire and Alan do the whole breakfast fry-up

Everyone peers over the side of the ferry

Claire wanders around the ferry

Under the lifeboats

DH and The Boy Phil are armed with trolleys

In the Auchan hypermarché at Coquelles

DH scopes out patê

DH checks out the cheese counter

Paul, Phil, Alan and DH at the checkout

We eat baguettes and cheese out of the boot

Nosher in a hat

Alan and Paul at a bar somewhere

The Boy Phil and DH have some crazy-strong Leffe

Claire and Alan

The Boy Phil

Phil looks at beer

Paul, Alan and Claire look for wedding wine

DH looks at wine

Phil and DH on the front at Wimmereaux

Alan and Claire

A pile of rocks

The seafront at Wimmereaux

On the promenade

We head off for a walk along the prom

Phil and DH scope out the beach

Souvenir and beach tat on the prom

Walking in Wimmereaux

Claire and Paul pass a very green house

More French houses in Wimmereaux

We stop at another bar

Phil and DH on the track towards the Battery Todt

We look for a way in

Phil peers out of a peep-hole

DH in a pill box

DH comes out of the pill box

We find the way in to the main gun emplacement

There's a lot of graffiti inside

An old light switch

Some WW2 graffiti

A Nazi flag, dive bombers and 'against England'

The Nazi eagle

A caricature of Winston Churchill

Another cartoon of a two-faced Churchill

Nazi crosses and the swastika

DH pokes around in the concrete outside

The Boy Phil and DH look out towards England

We stand where the 12' guns would have been

The brutalist concrete of the Battery Todt

Former home of a 12' gun, aimed at Kent

DH roams about

Wartime graffiti

We leave the gun emplacement

Another look at the concrete

It's time for another ham-and-cheese picnic

The roadside picnic

Back at the ferry terminal

A view of the ferry

The massive pier at Calais

The stern of the ferry

The Boy Phil looks like he's about to hurl

Nosher and the arse-shaped chin