Andrew at the Grinning Rat, Ipswich

Andrew at the Grinning Rat, Ipswich

Boats on the river at Lymington

Lymington Quay and river

Looking up the river

Swans float about

It's holiday season on Quay Street

Quay Hill, Lymington

Jignesh and Hamish hang around, post barbeque

Bruce climbs all over the sofa

Sunset on the river at Lymington

The Royal Lymington Yacht Club

Heading up the river on the Lymington Ferry

The sun goes down over the Solent

Cowes, on the Isle of Wight, is heaving

Revellers are out on the street

Ray and some of his crew

Ray and Sean

Ray and Crew, with Sean gurning on the right

Striding around Cowes

We get the river taxi out to the moorings

Sean uses the nearest, er, facility

Sean kicks back on the yacht Drifter


The next morning at around 7am

A view up the pontoon

Sean roams around

Sean in the cockpit of Drifter

It's time to brush teeth

Back on the river taxi

Sean looks out

Breakfast in the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club

The crew discusses the day's racing

Heading out of the RCYC

Starting guns are prepared for the day

Ray's crew on a pontoon, waiting for a RIB

Looking back at the Island Sailing Club

Other crews gets ready

Sponsors tents get ready for the day

A million boats on the Solent

The crowds build up

Some racing occurs

People line the waterfront

Smoke from a starting gun drifts over the water

A mixture of Squibs and Redwings

Pennants are unfurled

Another starting-gun moment

Meanwhile, a band performs

Queen's Road in Cowes

Some sort of mini carnival passes by

More carnival costumes

The Fountain, on High Street

More High Street action

Down at the Yacht Haven

Ray chats to Malcolm Ford, ex Brock College

The post-race hangout

Nosher visits The Needles on the way back

Colourful cliffs at Alum Bay

The famous multi-coloured sands of Alum Bay

A pontoon, and the Needles light house

The Moonscape of Alum Bay

The bottom of the cable car, on the beach

There's a very quiet amusement park on the clifftop

The long pier at Yarmouth, Isle of Wight

Fishermen do their thing

There's a nice car in the car park

Looking up Market Square

The old Customs House in Yarmouth

The slipway outside Yarmouth Yacht Club

A selfie, by Yarmouth Yacht Club

A possibly-1950s sign, featuring Charabanc tours