Uni: PPSU May Ball, The Guildhall, Plymouth - 4th May 1987

It's the Students' Union May Ball, held in Plymouth's Guildhall on Royal Parade and it's definitely a good week for Moss Bros. on account of the large numbers of hired tuxedos in the room. Gus Honeybun, TSW's legendary stuffed rabbit (and apparently the inspiration for all other TV puppets that followed, including Edd the Duck) made an appearance to help out in some charity raffle. Gus was followed by a live band - the Blubbery Hellbellies.

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A girl in a white dress

Ian Dunwoody gurns from the back of the group. Nick Aarons, VP Finance is left

Nick Aarons and his posse

A couple of BABS (BA Business Studies) students

More BABS students

Kicking back in the top of the stalls

Nosher: boy in grey

Nosher in a grey suit

The band do their thing

Some 80s dancing

Martin and his girl

The Blubbery Hellbellies

Some BABS girlies

Business Studies group

A large contingent of BABS students

More gurning action

Hurrah for everything

Serious posing

Ian Dunwoody and his accomplice

A bit of grimacing

Christos Zarakovitis

A Goldie Hawn-a-like

Massed dancing in the Guildhall

A girl with a ciggie clings on to a marble column

Snog moment

The PPSU office staff: Maureen, Julia and Eddie

Bright pink tulips in the garden on Plymouth Hoe

More tulips on Plymouth Hoe

Impressive flower garden

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A girl in a white dress