Fred in Happy House, Eye

Fred in Happy House, Eye

Harry and Fred mess around in the Chinese takeaway

It snows briefly in February 2020

Millie is being Shouty Cat

Millie walks around on the patio furniture

Millie perches and stares at something

Boris is on Harry's bed, March 2020

We burn one of the old benches

Harry and Fred do lockdown science, March 2020

We make electromagnets

Fred picks nails up with an electromagnet

Harry tests his electromagnet out

Fred pokes around with an electromagnet

We take an old hard drive apart

The boys do science stuff

We have a go at making an electric motor

Fred does some school-assigned work

Harry does some written work

Fred blends up some red cabbage, April 2020

We do the cabbage litmus experiment

More red-cabbage litmus experiments

Fred squirts in some Mr Muscle cleaner

Fred videos foaming bicarbonate and sulphuric acid

Fred does a Microsoft Hour of Minecraft coding

An ancient 1988 wine bottle is discarded

The Oaksmere re-opens in August 2020

We're eating out to help out

Patio eating at the Oaksmere, August 2020

A pair of hedgehogs are spotted one evening

Eye Library is demolished

A digger is parked in the remains of the library

The remains of the old Eye Llibrary

A few days later and there's not much left

All that remains of the old library

A pile of bricks, September 2020

Harry and Fred wander into the field

Soph the Roph waves

It's all about devices at the bus stop

Something interesting on Fred's phone

Fred chops things up for the microscope

Fred's collection of microscope things

Fred on the trampoline

Harry runs around on the trampoline

Fred runs round in circles

Harry runs around as it snows, April 2021