A Trip to Orford, Suffolk - 25th January 2020

It's time for another trip to Orford, the Castle, the King's Head pub for lunch and Pinney's for some smoked cheese

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Harry's got some sort of penguin ear-muffs on

Fred photographs a cannon

The boys in one of their favourite climbey trees again

Harry gives it the Hairy Eyeball

Black and white trees

The road into Orford

The remains of the former Pinney's smokehouse, and its black-tarred walls

We head up to the castle

The boys discover a big hill to run down

Running up that hill

The keep of Orford Castle

The boys in their favourite place: a shop

A hole in the wall

An iron pot in an alcove

Fred takes a photo out of a window

Another window, another photo

In the Orford kitchen

Some of the stones are impressively weathered

A haul of Roman coins in the museum

Harry and Isobel on the castle roof

The view to Orford Ness


The Orford Ness pagodas

Fred leans into the wind

Harry on the hill

Back in the trees

Isobel inspects an archaeological find

The boys mess around on a cannon

Old tin-roofed shed

A K6 phone box

We head over to the King's Head

Fred's collection of stones

A whippet in a coat

Henry the 8th on a King's Head sign

Scattered Adnams' beer mats

The boys play chess

Lighthouse graffiti on the public bogs down by the quay

We look at smoked food products in Pinney's

Heading out of the shop, armed with smoked cheese and salami

Boat sheds down at the harbour

We roam around by the harbour office

Empty tenders

Sheds on legs

Orford quay boatyard

Empty boats

Harry roams around

More of the boatyard

We walk the path back to the car park

The public toilets

On the way out of Orford, there's a derelict petrol station

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Harry's got some sort of penguin ear-muffs on