Janet on a beach somewhere

Janet on a beach somewhere

Janet (mother) does the groovy 60's chick thing

Janet in a Beatles jacket

Janet at a party

The old man's mutton chops and Mother's bouffant hair

Unknown, but some cool cars

Judith hands out some party food

Number 12, somewhere

Neil and Judith

Guests arrive for a wedding somewhere

Joseph with a friend by a roundabout

Judith and Bruno's wedding

Judith and Bruno do the vows

Judith and Bruno cut the cake

Bruno and Judith

Family at Judith's wedding

Janet, Judith, Margaret and Joseph

Wedding group photo

Judith and Bruno

Janet, Neil and Judith

Bruno and Margaret

A Swiss chalet

Children in a Swiss alpine meadow

Wedding guests


Milling around at a wedding

Judith and Janet

Nosher, Judith - visitng from Switzerland - and a baby Sis, 1968/69

Unknown, on a ferry

Unknown, but it's a proper retro 60s office