A mass of tags under a block of flats

A mass of tags under a block of flats

Manor Park station

There's a broken-down freighter at Manor Park

66537 has broken down and delayed everything

One of Greater Anglia's new trains is on trial

Network Rail: one just watches while two work

Graffiti up on the streets of Manor Park

Mental Health tag on a wall

Wall ties look like cannon on a man o' war ship

Graffiti under a railway bridge

D13 and a Repo tag under the bridge

SRW tag on a wall near Stratford

Stratford Station and a Class 360 commuter

There's a pile of concrete sleepers at Stratford

The big converted warehouse/factory by the A12

Tags on the bridge over the A12

Fading tags on a trackside building

A new building goes up

A pair of bright tags stand out in a sea of brown

The curious 'Lego' house