The Annascaul 10K Run, Abha na Scáil, Kerry, Ireland - 5th August 2017

The day before, whilst chatting to someone about the two donkeys and Alpaca near our cottage in Lios Póil, Isobel got the word that there happened to be a six mile run (or "10K" as runners like to call it because it sounds further) in the nearby town of Annascaul. Which was handy, as Isobel fancied a run anyway. It's not that long, so Nosher and the boys poke around a bit until Isobel finishes, then it's back to the GAA club house for some squash and super-salty but abundant sausages on sticks. After the running, we stop off at Inch Beach - an epic long and wide sandy strand which you can even park on, which is kinda cool. Finally, we stop off in Dingle for a spot of tea.

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Isobel queues to sign up

Signing life away for a chance to run

Isobel warms up

Some runners take their dogs along too

Isobel meets up with the woman who gave her the tip

Runners gather at the starting line

A bunch of kids are the first to go

Then the serious runners burst on through

Finally, the walking pushchairs pass the start line

The runners and tag-alongs head off up the main road

The sponsors of the race: Ashe's food store. And yes, their black pudding was particularly good

The least pub-looking bar ever: Falvey's in Annascual

The slight more pub-like Dan Foley's

The finishing line

Isobel passes the half-way mark

Everyone tries to cram under the gazebo when it starts raining

Walkers and people with dogs head down to the finish

Isobel comes in on the final straight

Isobel gets a hug from Harry

A river runs through it

Harry and Isobel walk up the road

Rustic out-house

What looks like an old cinema

Fred scopes out the cake and sausages

In the sports hall with a sausage on a stick

Prizes are given out

This guy has won the race about five times

Isobel checks her place

Fred in the dunes down at Inch beach

Harry runs around

A lifeguard roams around

Endless vistas of sea

We eat a picnic in the dunes

Fred's got a collection of sea things

The surf-hire vans on the beach

The car on the beach

The view from the driver's seat

Inch beach from up on the cliffs

Back in Dingle

Colourful shops in Dingle

Fred liked the shop with the dolphins stuck to the wall

Dingle street scene

The boys look like angsty teenagers

More Guiness art work

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Isobel queues to sign up