Blackrock North and the Ferry Home, County Louth and the Irish Sea - 27th December 2015

It's the day after Boxing Day/St. Stephen's Day and we're off to the other Blackrock, close to Dundalk, County Louth and the border with Northern Ireland, and which James and Haryanna - former residents of the other Blackrock near Dublin - have moved to. After that, it's time to get Thai takeaway from Blackrock South before catching the ferry back home at stupid o'clock the following morning.

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Harry's got a Transformer

Harry outside Number 19

Fred and Harry head to the park

Up at the other Blackrock, Harry looks through a telescope

Looking towards the hills that form the border with Northern Ireland

Blackrock High Street

Fred and Isobel mess around by the sea

Limestone fish sculpture

Annalua, Harry and Fred look out to sea

Harry and Lua chase each other around

Lua and Harry share a reflective moment

A house with a fake window and door

Blackrock church

Inside the church

Jamie, Isobel and the view from the church steps

Fred goes to see Baby Nicholas in his crib

Action in the kitchen of Diep Thai takeaway in the other Blackrock, near Dublin

Evelyn and Da Gorls order take-away

Evelyn, Da Wheeze and the boys wait for food

Blackrock High Street

Back alley behind the Breffni

Fred gives it the Thumbs Up

Fred looks non-plussed on the car deck of the ferry

Dublin Port ferry terminal

Close up of The Winkies

Fred is utterly windblown as we stand on the deck in the teeth of a howling gale

The Winkies and Dublin Port

Mobile-phone action in the howling wind

Fred roams around on the damp decks of the ferry

A few hardy people say goodbye to Ireland

Fred on the ferry

Fred plays Minecraft on the floor of Deck 10 as Isobel watches

Harry watches 'Riders of Berk', a.k.a Dragons

The boys mill around outside Corley Services on the M6

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Harry's got a Transformer