A Trip to Spreyton, Devon - 18th February 2015

It's time for another trip back down to Dartmoor, to see Mother and Sis 'n' Matt, in Spreyton and a tiny hamlet near Chagford respectively.

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Harry and Isobel in Chievely Services on the M4

The joys of Chievely

We take an unscheduled break at the Chippenham Pitstop truck cafe so we can clean the puke off Harry

A stoopid Pheasant in Grandma J's garden

Harry and Fred do bird-watching

Harry peers around with a pair of 'nocklears'

Grandma J's hair gets done up for some reason

Harry sits alone eating something

Isobel and Harry in Spreyton

Spreyton Village Hall's entrance porch is less than useful

The Spreyton Village Shop

The view towards Dartmoor, from the shop

Spreyton Church

Harry and Isobel exit the shop

We roam around near Chagford

Sis and Matt's new pad

Sis has made a chocolate pirate-ship cake

Fred plays with a marble run

A deep Devon lane

The Chapel toilet

A Robin on a fence

An acrobatic squirrel steals nuts

A Jackdaw perches on a twig

Isobel and Fred on their way up to Sheepstor

Harry gets his stroll on

We pause in a small boulder-cave for a few moments


Harry stomps up the Tor

Famberly photo at the top of Sheepstor

Isobel takes a phone pic

The view down to Burrator resevoir

Fred on Dartmoor

Looking towards the Dartmoor interior

Fred and Isobel return from a reconnaisance mission

Harry climbs a rock

Dartmoor Grey and Granite

Someone takes a photo

Isobel steps up to take a photo of a passing group

Another climbing family on a rock

Harry does a comedy pout

Inside the warm and toasty Royal Oak in Meavy

The Royal Oak, Meavy

Isobel and The Boys outside the Oak

Meavy Church and pub

It's time for a Dartmoor ice-cream

The gang pose like Korean tourists for some reason

A secret nuclear bunker

Fred licks his ice cream

A Dartmoor sheep

The car looks at the scenery

Back in Spreyton, it's wholly dark over at Will's Mother's

Sis and Harry

Fred and Harry mess around

Harry tumbles upside-down as Grandma J potters in her kitchen

Fred does some drawing of birds

A blob of amber

The *eight* beer pumps of the Tom Cobley pub in Spreyton

The eponymous Tom Cobley

There's a darts match occurring in the Cobley

Isobel and Fred in South Mimms Services, M25

The Man is closing in on tax dodgers, as long as they're in the Pacific Ocean, a few hundred miles off New Zealand (45.09S, 183.2E)

Colourful, if unimaginatively-arranged primula at South Mimms

Back in Eye, there's a derelict Nissen hut near Ash Drive

The back of the old-school Ironmongers - The Handyman - in Eye

Isobel in the Queen's Head

Harry's doing his own thing

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Harry and Isobel in Chievely Services on the M4