Fred and the Volcano, Suffolk - 8th February 2015

Fred is learning about volcanoes in school, so it's the perfect opportunity to set fire to stuff in the garden. Before that, there's a Sunday lunchtime meet-up in the gardens of the Cornwallis...

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Sophie, Fred, Harry and Grace roam around the grounds of the Oaksmere

Bright yellow flowers

Harry's got his pirate gear on

Fred, Harry and Sophie, contra-jour


The light shines deep red through Nosher's beer

Fred's furry hood is like a halo

A bit of a pout

At one time this hoarding at Maryland station actually looked modern

Bright pink graffiti, Liverpool Street

Some dude is carrying half a staircase on his bike

There's a bit of a water leak at the junction of Queen Street and Upper Thames Street

Harry and Isobel in the Oaksmere restaurant

Harry strolls around

A carpet of snowdrops

Nice evening light at Diss Station

A nice pic of Isobel

Fred builds a small volcano in the garden

We burn some steel wool

Fred and Sophie watch the volcano, as Harry trundles off

Fred is happy with his fire

Harry makes a bid for freedom across the side field

Millie-cat perches on a saw horse

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Sophie, Fred, Harry and Grace roam around the grounds of the Oaksmere