Sis, Isobel and a random plate

Sis, Isobel and a random plate

Sis chats to Mother and Mike

Sis looks over

Mother in the walled garden

Fred's got a bib on

Eoghan plays ukulele on a straw bale

Sis again

Sean and Nosher wander down the road

The church of St. Mary's, Brome

Nosher and Sean

Nosher, Sean and Phil

Nosher, Sean, The Boy Phil and Jon the Hair

Guests walk down to the church


Paul, Pippa, Sylvia and Claire

Hedwig, Evelyn, James, Chuck and Louise

Abby joins in

Nosher chats to Polytechnic chum Riki

Neil, Mike, Caroline and Mother


Mike and his hat

Wilma and Rob

Alex from Zurich

Clive, Amelia and Ellie

The Rev, Nosher and Sean do last-minute stuff

Sean scopes around the church

The crowds filter in

The bridesmaids appear

The rev

Mikey-P and Clare

Wavy and Martina, with Oak

The St. Mary's church doormat

Nosher with Fred in the church

The vicar leads the bridal party in

Nosher in the church

Nosher and Isobel do the register

Isobel and Nosher leave the church

Milling around outside the church

Amelia, Sis and Fred with Evelyn

Mike and Mother

The Old Man

Mike and Mother

Colin has a laff

Oak, Wavy and Martina

Isobel hugs Nosher's mother

Isobel with flowers

Isobel, Fred and Nosher

Isobel and Janet

Nosher gets a bit of air

Marc checks over the tandem

Fred looks uncertain

Hamish inspects the tandem

Nosher gets the plus 4's on

Marc preps the tandem

Alan's wedding Jag

We load up on the tandem

We head off on the tandem

Cycling down the road in Brome

On a bicycle built for two

Emily, Sis and the Old Man

Outside the Cornwallis

Photos outside the Cornwallis

Sean and Jen have beers

Fred hangs on to a wall

Nosher and Isobel on a bench

Fred joins us on the bench

The Cornwallis

There's a papparazzi moment

The bridesmaids have a slug of beer

Nosher roams around with a camera

Sean and Nosher on a bench

One of James's wedding photos

Amelia pokes around in the gravel

Our wedding transport - Marc's tandem

In the walled garden

Hamish with a beer

Riki and Nosher chat

The BBs band table

The scene in the walled garden

The wedding picnic kicks off

Nosher's family photo

The cup cakes Sis made

Bill helps build a straw-bale fort

Sydney and Rowan in straw

The wedding picnic

Spammy and the Brome Swan table

The BBs band table

Sydney and Rowan with cameras

Jessica and Elizabeth

Stef's daughter

Isobel's family photo

All the kids are in the straw

Bill contributes a bit more straw

bits of straw fly around

Clive and Amelia

Jessica's got an umbrella

More straw flies around

Bill rearranges the magnetic letters

In the conservatory

Isobel prepares to throw the bouquet

The bouquet flies through the air

Caoimhe catches the flowers

Jo and the band

Caoimhe, Isobel and Julie

Nosher and Isobel

Rowan at breakfast

Sean ponders breakfast

Caroline and Neil

A breakfast melée

Evelyn and Fred

In the Horseshoe's beer garden

Evelyn follows Fred around

Fred in the beer garden

The post-wedding crowd at the Thornham Four Horseshoes

Phil, Bill and Wavy under a parasol

Fred and Louise

Phil scopes out the church at Thornham Parva

We cycle through Thrandeston

On the road near the church

Phil on the lanes back to Brome

Evelyn, Louise and Caoimhe

Chuck, Wayne and Noddy in the conservatory

Wayne and Noddy on Ukuleles

Evelyn and Isobel

A blur of lights as Chuck roams around