The Wedding Bit, Suffolk - 3rd July 2010

Nosher's actual wedding day: St. Mary's Church, Brome: a lovely setting, and great weather. Nosher first has to set up his band gear in the Cornwallis and do a sound-check and 1pm. It's then off down the road with Sean and Hamish (Hamish has the camera and takes most of these photos) to the church at about 1.30pm for The Gig...

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Nosher does some sort of solo sound-check

Sean and Nosher wander down the road to the church as James and Janet drive past

The church of St. Mary's, Brome

Nosher, The Boy Phil and Sean

Nosher, Sean and Phil

Nosher, Sean, The Boy Phil and Jon H

Clive, Amelia and Ellie

The Rev, Nosher and Sean run through a bit of last-minute stuff

Sean scopes around the church

The crowds filter in

The bridesmaids appear

Mikey-P and Clare

Carmen and Bill

The church doormat

The vicar leads the bridal party in

Isobel and Nosher - wife and husband - leave the church

Amelia, Sis and Fred with Evelyn

Isobel hugs Nosher's mother

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Nosher does some sort of solo sound-check