A Trip up the Big City, Norwich, Norfolk - 18th October 2019

We've a bunch of errands to run in Norwich, including getting a blown-up amplifier replaced, buying some old-man trousers for band performances, and getting a practice amp for Fred's loop pedal. Oh, and we also end up getting a new flute. Then, on the following Monday, the Gislingham Silver Band have dinner at the Black Horse in Thorndon, in a sort of not-Christmas get-together thing

next album: GSB at the Eye/Pouzauges Twinning Anniversary, Hartismere School, Eye, Suffolk - 24th October 2019
previous album: October Misc: GSB at Stowlangtoft and More Rebellions, Norfolk, Suffolk and London - 16th October 2019

There's a cool Scooby-Doo-esque thing on Gaol Hill

Harry plays with something furry in a Halloween shop

Fred looks proper psycho in a mask

Harry is naturally drawn to the 'knives and stabbing weapons'

Fred looks around in the cellar

There's something trapped in an electric chair

A skelington

Harry points at stuff

Fred looks at the ghoul on the street

Harry is grabbed

Wicker baskets on London Street

Isobel gives some money to the opera busker

Isobel and Harry on Castle Street

The derelict Hughes on White Lion Street

Harry pokes around in Game

There's a small window into the world of building on Gentleman's Walk

The gang on Gentleman's Walk

Contra-jour of bikes and cobbles

Norwich Market

Some pumkins

In Royal Arcade

The closed down Berry's and Grey has some art on display instead

Closed-down shops in Royal Arcade

Some more Will Teather art in the ex Jamie's Italian

The closed-down Jamie's Italian in Back of the Inns

Harry and Isobel in Bill's Restaurant, Back of the Inns

A busker folornly sings outside the old Hughes

Some nice silvery tableware in Bill's

Harry does some Pokémon

White Lion Stree, contra jour

The buildings of Norwich, painted like books in a bookshelf

Back in Royal Arcade

Fred and Harry try guitars in Cooke's Band Instruments

We get a new flute in Cooke's Pianos

Harry does Lego in the Thorndon Black Horse

Adrian the conductor, and members of the Gislingham Silver Band

Harry, Isobel and Fred in the Thorndon Black Horse

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There's a cool Scooby-Doo-esque thing on Gaol Hill