Cliff House Camping, Dunwich, Suffolk - 15th June 2019

It's the second trip out with the van in almost as many weeks, this time back to a favourite spot of Cliff House near Dunwich. The site is absolutely crammed, as it's fully booked, but there's beer on at the bar and the weather's not bad. There's some time to hang out on the beach before a walk through the woods to the awesome Ship Inn at Dunwich, for a few beers in the sun.

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We get the hang of the new inflatable awning and have it up in 10 minutes

Harry gets his hair painted

Fred plays guitar

The gang goes off to see what Helen and Andrew are up to

Meanwhile, Harry and Fred do some sort of log rolling

Roaming through Cliff House's extensive site

A bee gets stuck in to some pollen

Fred on the beach

Andrew narrowly avoids a wet-dog shake

Helen and family - Grace's top is stuffed with beach pebbles

The long view to Sizewell is like a shimmering desert mirage

Fred's finding it hard going on the shingle beach with no shoes on

Isobel and the boys

Harry gets rugged up

Back up the cliffs

Another camper has actually bought their cat to the campsite

We head off to Dunwich

We pile into the woods

The sun-dappled woods of Dunwich

There's a brief pause to allow the others to catch up

The ruins of Dunwich Abbey

A cool black and red butterfly

The kids have a quick explore of the abbey ruins

We arrive at our destination: the Ship Inn at Dunwich

The children pile into a boat in the beer garden

Soph the Roph pulls on a rope

Something funny occurs

Harry and Isobel in the beer garden

Tilly Dog has her nose stuffed into a cannon

Soph blows a bubble of gum

Outside the Dunwich Museum

Fred and Harry queue up for ice creams

There's a nice AC Greyhound in the car park at Dunwich beach

The AC Greyhound trundles off

The chipper and ice cream shop at Dunwich

A view over the salt marshes

A random collection of junk

Fred on the cliff top

A solitary dude on the beach

The 'last grave' of old Dunwich, part of a church now 40 metres into the sea

Sophie and Fred learn the grass-blade trumpet thing

Isobel and Harry

The gang reflected in a convex mirror

Isobel helps set up the barbeque area

The next day, Fred helps to deflate the tent

Harry pitches in my sweeping a bit of sand away

Isobel packs up the awning as Harry looks on

A cheeky blackbird wanders about

The blackbird has a worm in its beak

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We get the hang of the new inflatable awning and have it up in 10 minutes