June Randomness, London and Suffolk - 8th June 2017

There's marching bands, election voting and the bike club heads out to Mellis for a beer. Not only that, but it's all back to the now-closed Swan for a much-welcome furtive lock-in with some extra beer that Alan just happened to have lying around

next album: A Walk in Thorpe Hall Gardens, Thorpe-le-Soken, Essex - 11th June 2017
previous album: A Retirement: The Last Night of The Swan Inn, Brome, Suffolk - 3rd June 2017

Nosher gets held up on theway to work by a marching band

Buglers with Bearskins head off up the Mall to Buckingham Palace

We do the voting thing down at the village hall

Suey, Isobel and Martin outside the Mellis Railway

The railway line towards London vanishes into the distance

The bike club outside the Mellis Railway

The world's longest bench: The bus cometh anon, rest awhile then journey on

The Saga group heads back to the Swan

Pippa stashes her bike in the pub

The restaurant has become a bike shed

Spammy has a laugh

Spam, John, Colin and Jill at the bar

Nosher's pint

Alan and Sylvia pull pints

Jessica and Suey do some napkin folding

Marc's doing some origami too

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Nosher gets held up on theway to work by a marching band