A Retirement: The Last Night of The Swan Inn, Brome, Suffolk - 3rd June 2017

After approximately 4,500 visits, 16,000 pints of beer, 20,000 wee stops in urinal number 1 (but only about 20 in number 3), 1,000 post-badminton Wednesday nights and maybe 1,500 spirit rounds since 1989, the Brome Swan - Nosher's local for almost all of adult life so far - calls time due to retirement. "End of an Era" is often bandied about, but it truly is. Nosher's been going there for around 28 years, but Alan and Sylvia have managed 33 years, six months, three weeks and three days - an epic stint for any job, but these days it's nothing short of remarkable in the fickle world of the pub landlord.

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Fred - contra-jour - points the way up the Oaksmere's drive

Grandad and the gang wander up to the pub

Harry peers over the bar

Wavy models the best tee-shirt ever

Syvlia has discovered Wavy's bizarre 'Angels of Abbot' home-made calendar series from the 1990s

Mick the Brick's coat hangs up, alone for now

John Willy talks about fish or something

Alan does a retirement speech

Spammy is speechless after a retirement gift

Spammy chats to Janice

Neil looks shifty as he bunks out for a ciggy

Pippa is in animated conversation

Suey, Marc, Benny and Uncle Mick

John Willy, Sylvia, Alan and Spammy, Spammy also retiring after over 27 years service

Uncle Mick is on the Sprog table

Apple, Pippa, Marc and Isobel

Marc does some selfies

Another selfie with Wavy and Rachel

Bill looks a bit angrily at Marc's beer

Mick the Brick comes through

Mikey P is back on the blue WKD

The 'Saga' group

Isobel and DH

DH holds up a pint

Nosher behind the bar

Bernie shakes hands

The Roy Keane figurine is still stuck to the ceiling

One of the beers up on the high shelf is from the Royal Wedding of 1981

Mikey P is on the phone

Suey, DH and Mike

Mikey's got The Boy Phil on the blue WKD as well

Bill's on the floor again, but then it wouldn't be a Swan thrash without Bill on the floor

Marc has a nap

The gang

The Boy Phil tries the stack of beer mats on the elbow thing

Gov gives it a go

Gov balances beer mats on his head

Slightly ghostly and surreal, but somehow apposite as an Adnam's beer mat floats over Alan's head

Isobel ends up being the only one to do the card-catching thing

And that's it: would the last one out please turn off the lights. Sigh.

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Fred - contra-jour - points the way up the Oaksmere's drive