Bob and Berenice's 50th Wedding Anniversary, Hinton Admiral, Dorset - 25th July 2014

It's old school friend Phil's parents' 50th wedding anniversary, held at the Old Vicarage on the A35 at Hinton Admiral, just outside Highliffe in Dorset. Nosher and the gang get an invite but nearly don't make it, on account of traffic jam after traffic jam on the M25, M3 and Lyndhurst (taking nearly eight hours for a ~four hour trip). Once again we're staying at the Premier Inn in Highcliffe, which is nice and handy for a trip to the beach. Following that, we visit "Little Granny" in nearby Burton, and meet up with Sean and his gang at the Plough Inn, Tiptoe.

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Hedgey the Hedgehog appears in the garden

Isobel and Fred pretend to roll up like Hedgey the Hedgehog

Harry has a go at roaring at Rob

Fred's placename

Harry and Isobel

Phil and the baby Simon

Bernice inspects a shoe

Anniversary guests

Bernice takes Simon around

Baby Simon does the rounds

Isobel and the shades

Rob does a speech

Phil and Simon

Phil does a speech

More speech listening

A toast to fifty years

Fred makes a funny snail

Fred makes a clam out of things from his magazine gift

Fred shows off his creations


Isobel mingles

Harry and Isobel look at a wedding album

Gabes wanders off

The Old Vicarage in the dusk

Harry climbs tables at the Premier Inn, Highcliffe

The lavender is heaving with bees

Fred collects some helicopter seeds

A closed-down shop in Highcliffe

Launderettes are always the most exciting places in town

Fred and Isobel wander down to the sea

Classic Highcliffe flats

On the beach

A small dog runs past

Harry on the beach

The crowded beach at Chewton Bunny

Harry and Isobel in Cliffhanger Café

Rob waves to arriving guests

Harry's all in to 'knives and stabbig weapons'

Cliffhanger Café

Discount store in Highcliffe

The 'Plonkers on Tour' bus heads through Highcliffe High Street

Highcliffe Garage and it's out-of-the-70s sign

Sitting on the cliff top, watching the waves go by

'Little' Granny and Fred

Granny gets the Jaffa Cakes out

Harry roars at Little Granny

Granny and Harry

A three-generation group photo

Nosher, G and the boys

The Plough Inn beer garden

Harry holds court

Michelle shows off her new big long one

Fred runs around with Rowan

Harry's not quite got the idea of football

Fred, Harry and Sydney

Sydney picks fleas out of Sean's hair

Harry and Sydney

Isobel and Fred at the Premier Inn reception

Fred at 'breakferast'

Fred's found a shield bug

In the lift

Harry looks pensive

We stop off at Michelle's shop in Bashley

Fred buys a thing

Fleet Services 'time-warp' link bridge over the M3

The M3, looking towards London

Isobel, Fred and Harry come up for a look around the almost-deserted link bridge

Isobel and Harry roam the car park of Fleet Services

A return to a major theme of the trip: traffic jams

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Hedgey the Hedgehog appears in the garden