An Air India 777 sits on the stand

An Air India 777 sits on the stand

A Korean Air on the apron at Gatwick

Air India, with Gatwick control tower

At Incheon airport

A traffic marshall outside Incheon airport

Funky bridge on the way to Incheon City

Loads of signs all over a building

Wibbly buildings

Some sort of food production

A DVD shop

The snack shack

At the bus station

The bin cleaners appear

A dude pushes a big wheelbarrow around

Bus station shopping mall

At the bus station services

The bright lights of Gumi

Loads of neon

Chris and Hyosoo

Korean street food

More street food

We continue on the quest for Hite or Cass beer

Another pop-up snack van by night

Chris in a bar somewhere

A street view from behind teddy bears

A urinal with an ash tray and ice

Outside WaBar

Another late-night food place

Gumi back street at night

A first look in daylight at Gumi city

It's a fairly grim view from the hotel window

At the start of the Komosan hiking trail

Chris photographs our route before we set off

Curious stone mounds, like beehives

Several large stone 'cairns' are dotted about

Chris has a drink

Chris and Hyosoo on the trail

Yaksaam temple

A Buddhist bell at Yaksaam Temple

Chinese calligraphy and ornate painting

A seated Buddha

Hyosoo and Chris walk through a temple gate

Temple art

The God of the North Wind plays a lute

A flight of stone steps

Another impressive temple interior

Curious pock-marked 'moai'

A row of praying Buddhas

Surveying the scene

A view down the valley to Gumi

Walkers on the path

Some dude does some moves in Doseongul Cave

Hyosoo and Chris negotiate the narrow path

Sometimes is a real effort to pass

Crowds in a cool glade

A picnic at hanging rock

Chris and Hyosoo on a rock somewhere

Chris and Hyosoo at the top of Geumosan Mountain

Nosher at the top of the mountain

Hyosoo roams around

Offerings of water are made

Chris stands out on an outcrop of rock

Hyosoo looks out over Gumi, one kilometre below

Hyosoo tops up our water stash at a spring-fed tap

A Buddhist temple defended with razor wire

We take a break

Back at the bottom, there's a picnic in the river

The statue of some dude by the lake

A small green car covered in pompoms

A back alley

We stop for a full-on Korean lunch

We get stuck in to a good spread of Korean food

Outside, a new-but-retro bus trundles around

Korean restaurant signs

A look back at the peak just climbed

Back in the hotel room

Industrial estate action

The Gumi Century Hotel, on the right

A giant bowling pin

Another light-industrial back alley

A row of harware shops

A pile of power tools on the pavement

The whole area around the hotel is like this

Looking down the street to the hotel

A one-way street

Some dude actually visits one of the shops

A whole stack of fans and ducts

A wet street in the evening

The Gumi Century

Nosher's local restaurant

The Family Mart over the road, source of Cass Red

Samsung's factory looks like it's on fire

The film 'Source Code' is going on somewhere